About Us
"Our goal is to provide best of breed tools designed to help people work smarter."
Who are we?

MOSO was established in 2003 with the goal of providing affordably priced enterprise software solutions for small- and medium-sized companies. Our belief is that a range of recent standards and open source technologies can be harnessed to provide affordable systems without compromising on scalability, interoperability, usability, reliability or security.

With these goals in mind we began work on the Loan Information System (LIS), an enterprise data entry and workflow management system for the Mortgage Industry. The LIS was designed and built to take advantage of a sophisticated custom code generation and templating engine that facilitates rapid customisation across the enterprise, and many best-of-breed open-source technologies. Our intention was to build a malleable architecture suited to many data-intensive business environments.

With our LIS product well into its second year of live operation and a very happy initial customer we are excited to offer you the opportunity to integrate LIS technology into your business.