The MOSO Loan Information System (LIS) is a complete, end to end solution designed to serve the growing needs of mortgage industry professionals. Covering every aspect of the loan cycle, the LIS is designed to integrate tightly into your current business infrastructure.

The LIS includes a feature rich desktop application, a bullet-proof J2EE server architecture and a communications hub that connects you seamlessly to your customers, business partners and associates, whilst maintaining the highest levels of data integrity and security.

The LIS has been specifically tailored to handle the ever-increasing demands of the mortgage industry, and covers all aspects of the business, from sales & marketing through to post-settlement management. MOSO believes in facilitating business processes through technology. Our goal is to provide best of breed tools that are designed to help people work smarter.

Sales & Marketing are the key to any successful business and the LIS is designed to help mortgage industry participants minimise turn-around times and improve responsiveness, accuracy and feedback. The LIS is designed to help staff and management find, retrieve, process and exchange data quickly and intuitively.

The Loan Assessment & Settlement cycle is generally considered to be the most resource intensive area of the loan cycle, and the problem becomes even more pronounced as companies grow. Leveraging technology offers exciting new economies of scale. The LIS is designed to extend and embrace this ideal by making your work-force more efficient through a combination of automation and autonomous workflow management.

As the LIS' efficient and effective Assessment & Settlement processes help keep you in the game, the LIS' Post-settlement Management and processing features help keep you ahead of it. The LIS provides a number of tools designed to help facilitate Post-settlement Loan Management, including advanced post-settlement loan variation support, cutting-edge reporting features, extensive commissions management (import, processing, reporting and invoicing), and an extensive 3rd party communications hub based around the LIXI standard.

Reporting & Management stand as one of the most significant areas of Mortgage Management software yet to be fully realised. We believe that the LIS is beginning to realise some of this potential by providing some of the most sophisticated Reporting & Management tools available in the market today.

LIS features such as "Hot Reporting" and configurable process management provide managers with crucial real-time tools to keep them on top of the complexities inherent in the highly competetive mortgage industry.